Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Series and Good News

"Early Morning Catch", 6 x 8 oil on linen

I hope everyone likes lobstermen and lobster boats because that's what I am going to be painting for the rest of the summer!  I haven't really devoted myself to a single subject in a long time (since my Caribbean Market Women) and I think this one has a lot of possibilities.  I will be heading to Newport Rhode Island in a couple of days where there is still a small fleet of working fishing and lobster boats.  Some of these fishing vessels are huge.  The colors and shapes are wonderful and will provide lots of possibilities in terms of color and composition.  I'm really looking forward to working from life on the docks (though the smell can be overwhelming)!

I just received notice that my other little "Lobster Fellas" painting was accepted into the Salmagundi Club's national show this summer.  This is a prestigious show and I am very happy to have a piece accepted into the exhibit.   The National Arts Club in NYC, where the show is usually held, is undergoing renovations so the it will be held at a gallery in Chelsea.   There are lots of galleries in Chelsea so there will be more people able to view the exhibit.  I'll post details as we get closer.


Pennie said...

Eden, what wonderful news--congratulations! Looking forward to hearing the details so we can go see the exhibit. It's a lovely piece and so deserving of this honor!

Eden Compton Pastels and Oils said...

Thanks Pennie! Unfortunately I am working when the show is on so I won't even see it. However, I hope to be in at least one NYC show in the Fall so maybe we can do it together (fingers crossed)!