Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Human Connection

I want to share a comment I received in an email about one of my paintings.  The little study above, “Rain on Broadway”, was one of many paintings featured in a silent auction to benefit the Saratoga Preservation Society in Saratoga Springs the other night.  All of my paintings sold but this one sold during a preview showing and was not available during the auction.  When I got home I received a lovely email from the owner of the store that is featured in this painting. Here are a couple of lines from her email:
this is my corner, this is my store, this is a piece of my life. . . this moment you captured just stopped my heart. That quiet rainy evening on the corner where so much of my life has unfolded. If that corner could talk!!
I have to say this is one of the best emails I have ever received about my work.  It is so richly rewarding in so many ways.  And it encapsulates why I love these kind of scenes:  the stories, the history, the human connection.  Needless to say, I hope to create another piece that will touch her in the same way!


Bob Lafond said...

It's very affirming to receive a note from somebody touched by one's work. They went the extra step to let you know. Makes it all worthwhile!

Compton Studio said...

It is definitely affirming! Thanks for visiting Bob!

Pennie said...

Love this piece, as I do love all of your street scenes! xxoo