Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Pastel: "Artisinal Waiter"

"Artisinal Waiter", 12 x 12, pastel on sanded paper

This is the fourth in a series of paintings based on a  trip to the restaurant "Artisinal" in NYC a couple of months ago.  I love this restaurant:  it has such a classic French bistro feel.  I am also working on some cityscapes and have decided to make the "New England Lobster Fellas" a series as well since I will be in Newport all summer.  I really focused on just the shapes in this painting.  I did a very abstract "notan" underpainting and used a fairly limited palette of pastels.  I'm pretty happy with it though the red violet of the curtains looks much more blue due to the contrast with the orange hues next to it.  I may go back in and push the red a bit more to keep the harmony.

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