Thursday, January 17, 2013

Schuylerville Sunset

Study for "Schuylerville Sunset", oil on linen, 6 x 8

Another painting from the Saratoga-Schuylerville area done from sketches and memory.  I am working on a 24 x 24 version of this painting but changed the composition to accommodate the square format.  I am happy with the progress so far and hopefully will be able to post something tomorrow.  Busy, busy.


Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Hi Eden, I've been following your blog for several years now, you do really lovely work in both pastel and oil. You have a style that is consistent. Part of your style seems to be landscapes under "foggy or misty" veil of atmosphere. Whether that is your intention, or whether that is the way the world is as you see it, I don't know. Have you ever thought of getting more contrasting values in your paintings to make them pop more, to be more eye-catching, to be a little more dramatic? Some artists just like to paint in predominantly medium-value, and I respect that. Your work has very good composition and technique. When I see it on my blogger dashboard of "blogs I follow", your paintings look faded compared to the other's above and below in the list.

You might take this that I am criticizing you, but it is meant to be constructive and to tell you I really like your work very much, but I would be attracted to it more if it had a little more punch. Take this with a grain of salt. I am just one person with my own ideas of what I am attracted to. You can delete this comment and not post it - because it is meant really as a personal artist-to-artist suggestion. We are all on our own separate artistic journeys, and sometimes hearing from each other is really good since we often work alone in isolation.

Best wishes to you in your artistic career and keep up the good work!

Eden Compton Pastels and Oils said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment Carolyn. Artists should always be open to constructive comments about their work. You are right that I am attracted to low light scenes like fog, mist and rain. Those type of situations necessarily require compressed values. That said, you are definitely right that I could add more punch to my compositions and it is one of the things I am working on right now. My Caribbean work actually has a great deal of contrast but, again, I do prefer the misty, moody landscape and it is a challenge to create compelling compositions in terms of value. I am in the midst of rethinking and refining the direction of my work this year and hopefully the results will show over the next few months. Thanks again for the comment and thanks for following my blog. I can't believe it's been years! Wow.