Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sky Painting

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Unfortunately, I have had a tragic incident with my Macbook and a glass of water. I wish I could say it is the first time it has happened but it isn't. It's tne second time in less than two years. They can create all this incredible technology but they can't (read:won't) make a laptop than can withstand water. aaarrgggh. In any case, I am solely reliant on the ipad until I return to the US. It is maddening. i am growing less fond of the ipad on a daily basis and I am REALLY unhappy with the blogger app which as you can see has basically no capabilities to edit or change anything whatsoever. So, after all this complaining, here is one of the sky studies I have been working on this week. It is really interesting painting clouds. Quite challenging! i will go into more discussion on "skying" as Constable called it in the next couple of days.


Jessie Tirsch said...

Eden, that sky is so lovely. I'd love to put it on my gallery board on Pinterest, but you can't pin anything from facebook, don't ask me why. I'm assuming that it's on facebook because you can't get it on your blog from your ipad. A revoltin' development, to be sure. Keep your chin up, and keep painting.
Lots of hugs, Jessie

Jessie Tirsch said...

I left a comment. Has it been deleted?

Sorry Eden. If you didn't get what I wrote, it was just to tell you how much I love the sky painting. And sorry about your computer. And pay no attention to the old email address below. I'm trying to change it on google, but I guess they want you to stay with gmail.

Eden Compton Pastels and Oils said...

Thank you Jessie! I know the Blogger app is very poorly written. I hope they fix it soon!