Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Pastels

"Dropping the Traps" Study, 6 x 8 pastel on sanded paper

Finally back in the studio!  Hurricane Sandy disrupted plans for our boat preparation but it all ended up OK and the boat is on its way to the Caribbean.  I hope everyone is safe and enjoying electricity at this point!  These are two new compositions in my Lobstermen series.  I like the diagonal energy of the top pastel but I am not convinced I like the color harmony.  I may need to do another color study for this one.  I also like the study below but may add a little more space around the main figure if I do a larger version.  It's nice to have all my pastels out again.  Unfortunately I can't paint on the boat with my pastels.  It's just too messy!

"Weighing the Catch" Study, 6 x 8 pastel on sanded paper

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