Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Memory Painting

"Morning on Birch Street", 5 x 7 , oil on panel

Yes, another long absence from the blog.   Our new house in Saratoga and the constant travel over the past six months have taken a toll on my productivity and blog material!  I still sketch and paint every day but most of it is preparatory work for pieces that I will work on in the studio later on.   I will have a long stretch of studio time coming up in a couple of weeks.  One of the exercises I am trying to do more frequently is memory painting which I've mentioned before on this blog.  The above sketch was done from memory this afternoon without any references.  It is the view from my window in the early morning in Saratoga.  I did a couple of pencil sketches a few weeks ago when I was there.  I looked at the sketches to refresh my memory and then put them away to paint the above oil sketch.  I find it liberating to not be tied to the scene in front of me!

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