Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Compton Portraits

"Coltrane", Oil on Panel, 16 x 20

Hello to anyone who is still left out there!  Hard to believe it has been a full four months since I have posted to this blog.   A lot of you know that I post primarily on instagram these days as do a lot of other artists.  It is an easier platform and can be done more quickly than blogspot.  That said, I do like the blog format for announcements and other things that require more than a one line description.   I am still painting though my focus has been shifting from the plein air landscape work of the past several years to more personal subject matter.   I have decided to start my portrait business up again in the upstate New York area (though I can do portraits for people in any area of the country).  Some of you may remember that I was the artist in residence at a resort in the Florida Keys where I specialized in children's portraiture.  I will post more information on my portrait process in future posts.  Hopefully some of you are still around to read my blog!